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industry with research-driven knowledge.
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Who we are

Grow Hydro Solutions was founded to help intensive food and fibre producers address production challenges and environment sustainability

What we do

We offer tailored advice based on research-driven knowledge to help optimize intensive soil/soil-less production with better profits and long-term sustainability.

Whether you’re embarking on a new crop for the season, tweaking your nutrient recipes or finding efficiencies in your production methods, we will be your trusted partner along the journey.

We also offer capacity building workshops to deliver advanced knowhow for sustainable and resilient farming.

We do things differently

Unlike many of our competitors, we are a strictly independent consultancy. This allows us to offer wholly unbiased and impartial advice based on science, with no vested interest in selling you certain products or services.

Our strong track record

The company has engaged with clients to deliver specialist knowledge, focused research, and training in agricultural principles; especially, when applied to controlled environments such as greenhouses, green rooves, green walls, vertical farms, and micro herb production systems.

Co-founders of Grow-Hydro Solutions at
Translating Research at Melbourne (TRAM)

Our Services

We provide a three-tiered service model for all types and levels of producers using research-driven knowledge

Introductory consultation

A one-off discussion to answer your production questions, facilitated remotely.

Good for: troubleshooting specific problems and getting basic questions answered.

Standard consultation with research

An ongoing conversation aimed at defining, strategising and achieving a goal, backed up with established research.

Good for: longer-term projects where an ongoing expert input & support is required.

Bespoke consultation with research

A fully tailored consulting engagement defined for your specific project goals and requirements, backed up with the power of academia.

Good for:  projects that are grand in either scale or technical innovation, where dedicated research is needed to empower success.

Meet the Team

Dr. Dorin Gupta

Plant Scientist, ranked in the top 10 % of plant researchers in the world.


Dr. Alexis Pang

Soil Scientist and Plant Nutrition expert


Dr. Graham Brodie

Agricultural Engineer, ranked in the top 4 % of agricultural engineers in the world


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